Фразы для описания ситуации

just like that

внезапно, неожиданно

This one day, we was out walking, like always, and then, just like that, somebody turned off the rain and the sun come out.

go together

сочетаться, подходить друг у другу

Well I think Amy and Fry go together like a lime and coconut.

like a shot

очень быстро

Barnett always expects them to get there like a shot.

like hell / like shit

крайне, очень сильно

It's raining like hell now.

like that

вот так

You dress like that - and you're already seeing a girl who won't sleep with you - I think maybe you can pull it off.

nothing short of / little short of

то же самое / почти то же самое

The cure was nothing short of miraculous.

make a difference

быть отличительной чертой, создавать отличие

You really think it would make a difference either way?

such as it is

такой какой есть

I offer you my service, such as it is, in payment of this debt.

not so much the

не столько

The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions.

nothing much

ничего особенного

Nothing much happened today.

matter of course

ожидаемое явление

I sign these applications as a matter of course, hundreds of them.

matter of opinion

спорный вопрос

That's a matter of opinion, and I don't give a fuck about your's.

matter of life and death

вопрос жизни и смерти

They are simply-dressed people, to whom their savings are a matter of life and death.

as follows


The court sentences the accused as follows. Rita Beckhart, Karolina Steinhof, Regina Kreutz, Angela Zieber, and Andrea Luhmann, you will each serve a total sentence in prison of four years and three months.

at one's best

в лучшем виде, с лучшей стороны

Great, Edward Norton at his best.

number one

самый лучший, самый первый

In this time of war, what is your number one duty? Is it to fight the Germans in the name of France to your last breath?

but good

всерьёз, основательно

Don't worry, she's gonna get it but good!

fair play

игра по-честному

Hard work, fair play, make a difference, change the system from within. Rah. Rah. Rah.

big deal

дело большой важности и интереса

Wow, I guess this really is a big deal.

take at face value

принимать за чистую монету

We cannot afford to take mythology at face value.

kid stuff

ерунда, детские игрушки

- But except for some kid stuff, Fontaine's clean. - Clean? - More or less.

of some sort

какой-либо, в каком-то виде

If the head of the Empire is a priest of some sort, then it stands to reason that the government is therefore one based on religion.

on the edge

состояние напряжённости, опасности, риска

Because one time I dated this guy who jacked cars for a living and I did not enjoy living on the edge as much as I thought I would.

made to order for

очень подходит

The Passion Pink option for the Bentley looks made to order for a top performing Mary Kay sales person.

next door to

по соседству

You live next door to a real live beauty queen.

no good

плохой, плохо

That's no good. He wouldn't last ten minutes in there.

there is no telling

невозможно рассказать, описать, сосчитать

No telling what those freaks will do to her.

not think much of

невысокого мнения о

I must admit I didn't think much of Andy first time I laid eyes on him. He might'a been important on the outside, but in here he was just a little turd in prison grays.

think a lot of

высокого мнения о

You sure must think a lot of that -- Whatever it is.

not to worry

ничего страшного

Not to worry. I'll sort it out.

when least expected

когда меньше всего ждёшь

Best things happen when least expected.

every which way

и там и сям, во всех направлениях

The door explodes open, sending clouds of burning vampire embers every which way.

do any good / do no good

пойти на пользу / не пойти на пользу

For a moment I thought of killing the soldiers, but it would do no good.

do one good

пойти на пользу

Talley wondered how much to tell him and whether or not it will do any good

on end


Not making love, just kissing for hours and hours on end.

to the point of

до (до степени, до точки)

A black Renault is passing by at a walking speed, then slows down almost to the point of halting completely.

have nothing to do with

не иметь отношения

In this war, you have found yourself in the middle of a conflict that has nothing to do with yourself, your lovely ladies, or your cows

something else

ещё тот тип

I don't know all I know is that they were saying this guy is something else.

out of the blue

из ниткуда

This stuff just doesn't happen out of the blue.

too thin

белыми нитками шито

That's too thin!

without a trace


Apparently he vanished without a trace while in America, where he was about to patent his inventions.

cut and dried

в готовом виде

Some viewers today may not be pleased with the ending, which is not cut-and-dried and sweetly happy.

in full swing

в полном разгаре

A splendid, barbaric ceremony's in full swing.

in good shape

в порядке

I can't seem to find my toothbrush, so I'll pick one up when I go out today. Other than that, I'm in good shape.

point of no return

точка невозврата

I'm afraid we have reached the point of no return.

slow and sure

медленно, но верно

The pace was slow but sure.

carry weight

иметь вес

His words carry weight.

clear as mud

дело тёмное

It's clear as mud to me.

old as the hills

старо как мир

He's as old as the hills. Blind too. Can hardly get around, he won't be a bother much longer.

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