Разные выражения

On me

Проставляю (оплачиваю счёт)

On the house

За счёт заведения

So much the better

Тем лучше

No shit

Правда? В натуре?

No kidding.

Кроме шуток. (Можно употреблять и как вопрос)

Dear me!

Вот это да!

Easy come, easy go.

Как пришло, так и ушло

Shame on you!

Как не стыдно!

That is nothing to him

Его это не волнует

so be it

да будет так

And if this is the only way, so be it.

high sign

тайный знак

Hudgeons chomps a bite of his hot dog, gives Jack the high sign, but Jack just feels like a pimp.

money to burn

куча денег

I've got money to burn.

take a picture


Why don't you get up on the chandelier with your parents and I'll take a picture?

make a date

назначать свидание

The last time we saw each other, we made a date to meet at the Cinema Paradiso.

come true


If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

get a life

жить полной жизнью

Stop sitting around and complaining—get a life.

dead drunk

мертвецки пьяный

I am dead drunk. I have drunk five beers with no food.

hit the road

выступать в путь

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.)

turn upside down

превернуть вверх ногами

The place looks like it's been turned upside down, furniture soaking wet, charred areas on walls.

side by side

рядом, бок о бок

Personally I met plenty of americans working side by side with asians without any hint to racial dislikes.

to and fro


People are moving to and fro.

go astray / lead astray

уйти в сторону / увести в сторону

No arguments must lead you astray!

take place

происходить, иметь место

Ignoring them, Cris turns toward the street where he saw the accident take place.

get one's way / have one's way

получить возможность делать как хочется

Oh alright, have your way with me if you must! Go on, fulfill you sick pleasures!

let somebody go


Please just let me go!

leave somebody alone

оставить в покое

Leave him alone, Herman! We were just talking!

cross someone's path

встретить на пути

She stopped watching every beautiful accomplished man who crossed her path.

find oneself


I would then find myself in a bamboo hut trying to fight with enemy soldiers with machine guns.

get one's

получить своё

She's got hers, we've got ours.

lay aside

отказаться, отложить

You'd lay aside what's between us?

keep one's distance

отстраниться в буквальном или переносном смысле

I tried to keep my distance...until you needed help.

cannot help / cannot but

не удержаться

As I watch this new army train, I cannot help but think of those who rode with me in me 23rd cavalry.

take cover

найти защиту или убежище

Take cover where you can but the important thing is not to panic.

make friends

заводить друзей

They think I'll make friends if we move. Just move and everything'll be roses. I don't want to make friends.

stumbling block

помеха, камень преткновения

The only real stumbling block is fear of failure.

no offence

без обид

No offence, Fry, but you've become a fat sack of crap.

make a bundle

срубить много денег

here's a lotta head cases out there, you could make a bundle..

none other than

не кто иной, как

Singing with the group is none other than Oz. He's not doing too badly, but mainly he's checking out the various vocal jazz girls.

at worst

в худшем случае

Further, I don't believe you'll use the money for food, but I believe you'll use it for, at worst, drugs, or, at best, whiskey, or . cigarettes.

by oneself

один, сам

I guess I'll have to eat this raw, dripping ham by myself. Nibbler? Nibbler, you're scaring me. Nibbler?! Am I going crazy?

odds and ends

всякая всячина

They live in a self-made sanctuary where life floats along on thefts, drug dealing and odds and ends.

point of honor

дело чести

It's a point of honor! You can't just let that guy do what he wants with whoever he wants!

hold the keys

содержать разгадку

Do the languages and cosmologies of Native America hold the keys to the mysteries of quantum physics and the nature of reality?

walk of life

жизненный путь

Christ doesn't judge; He just accepts you where you are in your walk of life.

fresh eye

свежий взгляд

Besides, I'd like to critique your masterpiece with a fresh eye.

out of touch

потерявший связь

After you I became duplicitous, cynical, angry, anal, totally out of touch with my surroundings.

name of the game

суть дела

That's the name of the game however, to make money you got to appeal to the target audiences.

so so

так себе

How's the store? - So so. Up and down.

in this way

таким образом

In this way, Jack becomes temporarily separated from the rest of his team.

here and there

там и сям

New lawns here and there, and young trees.

this and that

то да сё

How can I keep all my other territories in like if I let two wise-guys stand up and demand this and that, and then give it to them?

at the expense of

за счёт кого-то

I'm not against technology, doctor. I'm against the men who deify it at the expense of human truth.

run in one's blood

быть в крови

Racing, competing, is in my blood. It's part of me. It's part of my life.

know which side one's bread is buttered

быть себе на уме, понимать положение

Honey I know which side my bread is buttered on.

be one's own master

быть сам себе хозяином

I am my own master for the first time in my life.

as sound as a bell

в добром здравии

The doctor told her husband a few weeks ago that she was as sound as a bell, and that her problems are mental.

fall /be out of favor

впасть в немилость / быть в немилости

Du Barry has been complaining to the King that you will not address her, and you cannot afford to fall out of favor with the King.

be quits

быть в расчёте

As long as the check doesn't bounce, you and I are quits.

be as good as one's word

держать слово

My uncle was as good as his word.

safe and sound


I wanted you to know that I am safe and sound along with the rest of my team after the earthquake that occurred earlier today

be a law unto oneself

закон не писан

She needs the wizard to appoint a Seeker of Truth, a legendary post that is a law unto himself.

be set in one's ways

закостенеть во взглядах

Elliott is set in his ways and quite inflexible, not only in accepting Japanese culture in general, but also with the way the baseball team is managed.

at the mercy of smb

во власти

If they are left behind, they will be at the mercy of the enormous rebel army.

at odds with

не в ладах

His rumpled elegance is at odds with the brutal surroundings.

half dead


He left me half dead that morning. He wanted something from me. He came back the following night.

man of his word

человек слова

The General is a man of his word.

be one's own man again

быть в норме

His wife won't agree to live with him until he's his own man again, which means not renewing his 7 year contract.

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