Фразовые глаголы 1 (in, out, off)

get off
— отстать, оставить в покое
— Nobody calls me "the other Zack," now that this guy's not around anymore, huh?
— Get the fuсk off of me.

(Now that - теперь, когда… )

piss off
— раздражать, выбешивать
— Orders are to terminate you on sight.
— Really?
— Why?
— Because you're pissing people off, that's why.

shut off
— отключить
— What happened to the water?
— They shut it off.

take off
— уйти, уехать, удалиться
— Wait a second. We just saved your ass, and you're just gonna take off.

come off
— выглядеть
— Do I come off as gay?
— No.

get in
— входить, влезать
— Get in.

take smth in
— изучать, оценивать
— He's taking you in. He has a very keen sense for people, Greg.

be out
— выйти, пойти сходить куда-нибудь
— Just remember, she is already out with you. That means she said yes when she could have said no.

stay out
— избежать, отделаться
— Okay, how much will it cost me to stay out of this?
— I don't want money. I want a name.

get out
— уходить, убираться
— Get out of here, now.

run/be out of smth
— исчерпать, не иметь чего-либо
— Listen, Doc, I tore a hole in the gas tank when I was landing......so we'll have to patch it up and get some gas.
— You mean, we're out of gas?
— Don't ever get married. It sucks. You stop appreciating each other and run out of shit to talk about after the first year.

chill out
— успокоиться
— Bellboy. Bellboy…
— Shut up. Shut up. Shh. Shut up. You're makin' my friend Ted nervous. Chill out, dude.

sell out
— распродать (полностью)
— Hello. We'd like two tickets to New Jersey, please.
— Jersey's sold out, sir.
— What?

find out
— узнавать
— What's the meaning of this?
— You'll find out in thirty years.
— It's about the future, isn't it?

work smth. out
— решить (вопрос)
— So what do you think? Can you work this out or not?

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