Фразовые глаголы 2 (up, down)

be up to do smth.
— замышлять что-то
— Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me, sexy. But... you will never believe what my darling husband is up to.

catch up
— догнать
— Hey. I'll catch up.

come up
— скоро приближаться
— You have a birthday coming up, don't you?
— Well, how do you know that?
— Don't forget to make the wish.

come up
— случиться
— If anything else comes up, I'll contact you.

end up
— окончиться чем-то
— This so called Doctor Brown is dangerous, he's a real nuttcase. You hang around with him you're gonna end up in big trouble.

keep up with
— следить, быть в курсе
— Which one was it, Greg or Craig?
— I don't know, I can't keep up with all of your boyfriends.

loosen up
— расслабиться
— Come on Lynn, you need to loosen up and live a little. When's the last time you had a good dicking?
— A good dicking?
— Go talk to those guys over there.

mess up
— всё испортить
— A woman's best friend has to sign off on all big relationship decisions. So you can't afford to mess this up.

show up
— прийти, появиться
— Morning, Mr. Oliver. Wasn't sure that you'd actually show up. Not everyone does.

speak up
— высказаться или сказать громко
— She's classy, so she'll introduce you. When she does, shake hands hard and speak up. Let them know you're there.

spice up
— оживить, взбодрить ситуацию
— This should certainly spice things up a bit.

be down
— быть не в действии
— All lines are currently down.

let smb down
— подводить кого-либо
— I got $20 gold bet on you, so don't let me down.
— Three
— I got $30 gold bet against you, so don't let me down.

turn smth/smb down
— отказаться от ч-либо / отказать к-либо
— The anchor position is yours. I turned down the job.

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