Фразы и идиомы, связанные со временем

Time's getting short

У нас мало времени

It can wait

Это пожет подождать

There is no hurry

Спешить некуда

Take your time

Не спеши

Hurry up.


from the ground up

с самого начала

If you think I'm just going to give up this entire company that I built from the ground up…

long ago


Long ago all Native American were white. We all came to America from Jerusalem.

from way back

с давних пор

No, man, Cobb is a Chivas drinker, from way back. Ain't that right Cobbie?

a while back / a while ago

некоторое время назад, раньше

If he wanted to hurt me he could have done that a while ago.

as yet

до сих пор

We are, as yet, unknown to one another.

so far

до сих пор

The only reason I dragged you so far, is cause I need your boots.

speak too soon

говорить преждевременно

I don't want to speak too soon, but we may have beaten this thing.

ahead of time


If you guys ever need tickets for family or friends, just let me know two days ahead of time.

all along

всё время

Jesus Christ they had it all along, they just didn't use it! Goddamnit.

the whole year round / all year round

круглый год

Now, why can't that spirit, that same warm Christmas spirit last the whole year round?

at all times

всё время без перерыва

At all times they feel the presence of the ring...drawn to the power of the one..they will never stop hunting you.

in time / just in time

вовремя / как раз вовремя

It's a good thing we got her to the hospital in time.

after a while

через некоторое время

After a while he became frightened and he stopped listening.

on time

точно в назначенное время

Ya know, if you're too fat, slow and disoriented to get to your gate on time, you're not ready for air travel.

right away

прямо сейчас

Jerry, get menus so when we sit down we can order right away.

about time


It's about time you got up!

every now and then

время от времени, периодически

Every now and then she has to gasp to control the bubbly giggling inside of her.

every now and again

время от времени, периодически

Maybe I did something good every now and again but nothing I've ever done seems to have changed anything.

once in a while

время от времени, периодически

Saying a word of curse once in a while does nothing.

every so often

время от времени, периодически

As most of you know, we like to shake things up here every so often just to keep you people on your toes.

at that point

в этот момент

At that point he will indicate to you to light the candles.

at a time

в то время, когда

At a time when I knew the last about my enemies, the first name on my death list, was the easiest to find.

in the meantime

тем временем

In the meantime you will be returned to Azkaban.

at the same time

в то же время

You both feel sorry for Chilton and feel he deserves it at the same time.

all the while

всё это время

The Toughest has listened all the while, growing more and more disgusted.

at the point of

в момент чего-либо

But since we are at the point of no return, I always urge my clients at this juncture to give it one more day of reflection.

any day (now)

когда угодно

I think she's ready to say her first word any day now.

on and off

время от времени, с перерывами

The lights go on and off.

at times


My heart aches at times and the only thing that can make it better is putting one of the books over it.

from time to time

время от времени

He's a man who can answer yes to those questions I ask you from time to time.

day after day / day by day / from day to day /

день за днём

You suffer, I see it day by day.

on and on

непрерывно, снова и снова

On and on. Does anybody know what we are looking for?

time after time / time and again

раз за разом, регулярно

I've paid my dues - Time after time.I've done my sentence. But committed no crime.

round the clock

круглые сутки

Hey, hey, hey, I'll work round the clock all weekend long.

sooner or later

рано или поздно

Sooner or later, they're gonna have to respond to the public pressure. Meanwhile, we stay quiet.

for good


I thought you'd gone for good.

high time

самое время

And I say it's high time we kicked some ass! Who's with me?!

just about

почти уже

Yes, our conscious got the best of us and, and we were just about to tell everyone the truth.

just now

как раз сейчас

I never really realized that until just now.

for the moment / for the present

что касается настоящего момента

That is all for the present.

at the moment

в нужный момент

You forget to utilize it at the moment.

from this day forward

отныне и впредь

So, from this day forward, everyone in South Park will be required to fart on a regular basis to insure that nobody else spontaneously explodes.

from now on

отныне и впредь

So, from now on i'm goona spend all my spare time ...fighting cancer.

at last / at long last


At last I have the power to make Leela love me.

no longer

больше нет

I no longer look down on gays or lesbians or people different from me.

in no time

с минуты на минуту или сразу

We'll have Santa back in no time! / We'll have you feeling better in no time.

hard times

трудные времена

Hard times, not a lot of money, not a lot of luck.

have a hard time/ give a hard time

иметь трудности с чем-то / создавать кому-то проблемы

I think most people would have a hard time living with the threat of constant impending doom. / You better not be giving my bro here a hard time or you're gonna wish you never been born.

time is up

время вышло

Your time is up. Where's the map?

time out


I'm sure there're alot of fathers who wouldn't take time out from their busy schedules to call a dumb, sick teenager.

time will tell

время покажет

Time will tell what this night has brought us.

make haste


Make haste! A great adventure is waiting for you ahead.

make time


You better make time, Jon.

take time

занимать время

I mean how long does it take to put on a shirt?

of age / under age / come of age

достигший / недостигший / достигнуть определённого возраста

How'd you solve his being under age?

Now that he's come of age, the boy believes he should rule France. Instead of me.

in a flash


In a flash Jerry grabs the gun.

more often than not

чаще всего

Yes we like to see the human spirit triumph, but more often than not things do not work out the way we like them to.

in old days

в былые времена

We are not now that strength which in old days.

in no time


I think Houdini did this once, and if I remember right, he was out of the hospital in no time.

at a moment's notice

в любой момент

For a while, we were all thinking about applying to a restaurant close to the studio, so that at a moment's notice we could go work over there.

in his day

в своё время

In his day he was adored by the public.

at the worst possible time

в самое неподходящее время

Tensions between David and Prince Jack resurface at the worst possible time, while on a clandestine commando mission in Gath.

all along the line

всё время

You've been trying to obstruct justice all along the line.

It's a matter of time

вопрос времени

out of date


I get more of the political jokes now but they are out of date and redundant but there's more to it than that.

His days are numbered.

Его дни сочтены.

till the end of time

до скончания веков

This Gabrielle truly loved Xena, didn't she? - And will till the end of time.

have all the time in the world

иметь уйму времени

Well, as you said, you have all the time in the world.

once in a while


Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have fucked with?

at one time

одно время

Shakespeare was fresh too at one time.

on the spot

на месте, без промедления

`Did they find anything strange in the quarry?' he asked, expecting, maybe hoping they'd arrest him for the awful crime on the spot.

play for time

тянуть время

It looks as if Hector is playing for time.

wait and see

поживём увидим

But it is a wait and see thing.

once and for all

раз и навсегда

Imagine how he will reward me when he learns that I have once and for all silenced the great Harry Potter.

all day long

с утра до вечера

But I thought about you all day long. I promise.

run out of time

не успевать

I'm afraid we're out of time.

day in, day out

целыми днями

You lose the feel of the cards when you're in so much action day in, day out.

day and night

днём и ночью

To think, they bombard us day and night with their goddamn TV commercials!

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