Ответы на вопросы

What difference does it make?
— Какая разница?
— Did it have a real long barrel or a short barrel?
— What difference does it make?

Who cares?
— Кому какое дело?
— Hey, guys, when's the next Halley's comet?
— Who cares, man?

You don't say!
— Неужели!
— My scene with Zack's tomorrow.
— You don't say.

F*сk if I know
— Хрен его знает.
— And where's Bert?
— Fuсk if I know.

It goes without saying
— Само собой.
— We already told you we were drunk, Ted.
— That goes without saying.
— 'Cause if we wasn't drunk, we'd probably chicken out.

I'll bet
— Не сомневаюсь
— Business must be good.
— Well, it has its rewards.
— I'll bet.

I can tell
— Оно и заметно.
— I knocked them out all in a week.
— I can tell. Some of your brush work is rather uneven...

I thought so.
— Я так и думал.
— You're Brett, right? I thought so.

I didn't mean to do it
— Я не хотел.
— Why did you do that?
— I didn't mean to do it. I said it was an accident.

I don't think so
— Не думаю.
— I'm sorry to interrupt. Do I know you?
— No, I don't think so.

I have no idea
— Понятия не имею.
— Hey, do you know where room 404 is, man, 'cause I was up at this party, and
— I have absolutely no idea!

I'm curious about that myself.
— Саму интересно.
— I'm curious about that myself.

In a way.
— Типа того.
— Are you watchin' it?
— In a way.

I'ts not like that.
— Это не так.
— You go around Europe sleeping with every woman you meet?
— No, please, Jennifer. It is not like that. I also sleep with men.

Neither do I
— Я тоже не (глагол)
— Would you like to join me?
— I don't smoke.
— Neither do I.

No such thing
— Так не бывает.
— What if I want extraordinary?
— No such thing.

You're not far off
— Ты недалёк от истины.
— What's wrong, Marty? You look like you've seen a ghost.
— You're not far off, Doc. Look at this.

So I heard
— Да, я слышал.
— I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems.
— Good, 'cause we got one.
— So I heard. May I come in?

That explains it
— Тогда понятно.
— You know, something's wrong here. This makes no sense at all.
— Dad, it's a map of Detroit.
— Oh, well, that explains it.

That's one way of putting it
— Можно и так сказать
— You're divorced.
— That's a nice way of putting it. I call it being dumped.

We've been over this.
— Мы уже об этом говорили.
— Look, we've been over this. There is no Intestate 60.

Here you go / There you are / Here you are
— Вот, возьми
— We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society think it should be preserved exactly the way it is as part of our history and heritage.
— Here you go, lady. There's a quarter
— Let me see your license. Oh, yeah, of course.
— There you are.
— One hundred, two hundred, three hundred.
— Here you are.

Let me worry about that
— Я сам об этом позабочусь
— I think it's great that you're so good at your job. I'm just a little worried as to why.
— Let me worry about that.

This ain't (isn't) any of your business
— Не твоё дело.
— This ain't of your business, mister
— I'm makin' it my business!

— Как будто / Можно подумать
— Like I ever drove before

Big deal!
— Подумаешь!
— So you were an artist. Big deal! Elvis was an artist.