Распространённые вопросы, часть 1.

Anybody there?
— Есть кто-нибудь?
— Anybody there?
— What'd you expect, Theodore, a floor show?

What kind of…?
— Какой он...?
— He held me at gunpoint with a loaded gun!
— What kind of gun was it?
— I don't know. I'm not a gun guy. It was big

What is the deal? / What's going on? / What's all this about?
— Что происходит?
— What is the deal?
— We are having a blood drive.
— Creepy. Needle scare.
— What's going on?
— Well, your father wants to leave, and Bernie is staging a sit-in.
— Alright now, break it up. What's all this about...you causing trouble here, Tannen?
— No trouble, Marshall.

What is the point?
— В чём дело? (вопрос обсуждения)
— That's not the point.
— What is the point?
— You're still gonna kill your wife!
— Well... yeah!

How about…
— Как насчёт
— How about Nigga Tuesday?
— Nigga Tuesday? This a new holiday?

How come?
— Как так получилось?
— No, Margaret. This hasn't been my happiest New Year. This one's starting off pretty badly.
— Aw, how come?

How do I know?
— Откуда мне знать?
— Well, how do I know you're an angel?
— What, aside from the fiery entrance and the expansive wingspan?

How do you know?
— Откуда ты знаешь?
— Well, that's cool trick, but there aren't any card games with red spades and black hearts.
— Well, how do you know?

I was wondering…
— Я хотел узнать…
— But I was wondering do you think that you and I could get together sometime this week?

I wonder why…
— Интересно, почему…
— Now, I wonder why she did that.

— А что?
— Hey, what are you doing next weekend?
— I don't know. Working. Why?
— I was thinking maybe I'd come back and take you out to dinner or something.

Isnt' it (perfect)?
— Разве не (прекрасно)?
— Isn't it perfect?

How to handle this?
— Что с этим делать?
— What are your thoughts on how to handle this?
— What's yours?

Do I make myself clear?
— Я ясно выражаюсь?
— Do I make myself clear?

I'm just curious
— Просто интересно
— Are you married?
— Why?
— I'm just curious.
— What do you think?

No hard feelings?
— Без обид?
— And afterwards I can walk out that door, no hard feelings?
— None whatsoever.

Since when?
— С каких это пор?
— Since when?
— Since you fuсked that waiter on your cruise last June. Boom!