Распространённые вопросы, часть 2

— Шутишь?
— Debbie won the lottery. Oh, yeah? You’re kidding?
— I'm not kidding! Look!
— Oh, holy shit!

So what?
— Ну и что?
— I know that if we did, Jimmy would kill Oz.
— So what?

What's the matter?
— В чём дело?
— Honey, you feel thin.
— No, no.
— You're not eating.What's the matter?

What's wrong with…
— Что не так с…
— What the is wrong! What is wrong with the bitch?

Are you shitting me?
— Издеваешься?
— So if they come out, nobody touches them.
— Are you shitting me?

What are you talking about?
— Ты о чём вообще!
— I just can't take all the lying and cheating on each other anymore.
— What are you talking about?
— Sweetie, I never cheated on you.
— I know. That's what makes this so hard.

What's he like?
— Какой он?
— What's he like?
— God? Lonely...but funny.

What does he look like?
— Как он выглядит?
— This killer, what does he look like?
— Who said it's a man?
— It's a woman?

What I was talking about? / Where was I?
— На чём я остановился?
— What was I talkin' about?
— Um, you were saying that The Wacky Detective... was a very popular movie.
— Where was I?

You got that?
— Вам ясно?
— Nobody is fuсking me, you got that?

What's not to understand?
— Чего здесь непонятного?
— You don't understand.
— What's not to understand?You want your 30 pieces of silver, right?

Shake on it? / Deal?
— По рукам?
— Shake on it
— Deal?
— Deal. Deal.
— Perfect.

Am I in the way
— Я не мешаю?
— I'm sorry, guys. Am I in the way?
— You're a fuсking faggot, all right?

How dare you?
— Как ты смеешь!
— You calm down! He drugged us. I lost a tooth. I married a whore.
— How dare you! She's a nice lady.

What's the catch?
— В чём подвох?
— So what's this job pay?
— Can't really say.
— What's the catch?

What now? / What comes next?
— Что теперь? / Что дальше?
— But what now ? What comes next?