Призывы, просьбы, требования

Be my guest!
— Пожалуйста, вперёд!
— You wanna jump out a plane without a chute, be my guest. But forgive me if I don't join you

I can't make you.
— Я тебя не заставляю.
— But I can't make you.

Check it out!
— Смотри-ка!
— Check it out. European ass.
— What's up?

Do me a favor.
— Будь любезен
— Jimmie?
— Aha.
— Do me a favor, will ya? Thought I smelled some coffee in there. Would you make me a cup?

Don't be long.
— Недолго.
— Don't b' long.
— Don't blong?
— Don't be long.
— Gotcha.

Don't be that way.
— Не надо так.
— Tell me.
— It's corny.
— C'mon, don't be that way. Tell me.

Don't mind
— Не обращай внимания.
— Well, don't mind that smell. We had some homeless people squatting in here.

Go ahead
— давай, вперёд
— I'm gonna take a piss.
— That’s a little bit more information than I needed, Vince, but go ahead.

Help me out here
— Выручи меня.
— Help me out here. I've got to earn this 50 bucks.

Hurry up.
— Быстрее.
— Are you ready ? Come on, hurry up.

If I were you…
— На твоём месте я бы…
— You understand.
— Of course, but if I were you I would leave the doctor alone until after he's eaten his breakfast because he's a very crude man.

Never mind
— Забей.
— Oh, shit. I forgot about the beer.You want some?
— No.
— How 'bout some ether?
— What?
— Never mind.

One thing at a time
— Не всё сразу.
— What is all that stuff for?
— Hey, one thing at a time, man. I'm not a frog, and you're not a bunny. So let's not jump ahead.
— Very good, sir.

Take it easy.
— Не переживай.
— Take it easy, Bartleby. Just let her go. We can talk about this.
— Bartleby?

Watch your head.
— Не ударься головой.
— Hi, Janni. Watch your head!

You're better off ..
— Тебе бы лучше…
— Believe me, Marty, you're better off not having to worry about all the aggravation and headaches of playing at that dance.

Dont take it personal
— Не принимай на свой счёт
— it's just like fuсking with me!
— Oh, don't take it personal kid. I fuсk with everybody. That's what I do.

fuсk with somebody – дразнить, прикалываться

I didn’t' mean to hurt you
— Я не хотел тебя обидеть
— Well, I just want to say I'm really sorry and I didn't mean to hurt you.

I beg your pardon
— Прошу прощения
— I'm gonna have to pass.
— I beg your pardon?

take your time
— Можете не торопиться.
— It's okay, I'm his teacher.
— Oh Okay Take your time.

Hold your horses
— Попридержи коней
— I'm in big trouble man, I'm coming to your house.
— Whoa, hold you horses man, what's the problem?

Whatever you do…
— Делай что хочешь, но…
— Whatever you do, stop Bartleby from going into that church.
— Bob, come with me. Come on!

To hell with you
— Чёрт с тобой
— Fuсk you, and suck cock. To hell with you.

Make yourself at home
— Чувствуй себя как дома
— Make yourself at home. I'm gonna check on the risotto.

Say hi
— Передай привет
— Say hi to my widow for me, will you? Take care of yourself.